Towards a Safer Future

We were created not merely to observe the world but to understand it. And we were not created solely for understanding, but to bring about change. Societies have their strengths and weaknesses, and therein lies the danger. When the negative aspects rapidly overshadow the positive, we realize how distant and helpless we may become! Thus, we must cease being mere observers and take action. We must prepare, for it is through preparation that aspirations ignite.

We met with the thinker and social influencer, Engineer Fadel Suleiman, in shared ideas and goals. Efforts converged, visions intertwined, and purposes aligned, culminating in the presentation of numerous solutions in our lectures here at Elite Academy, to make our environment safer together…



Together, we don’t believe in the abundance of problems, but in the existence of numerous ways to solve them. We don’t believe in the multitude of challenges but in our ability to face them. Together, we elevate education to a higher level… an educational and enlightening upbringing. We laid the foundation in the lectures we conducted at Elite Academy in collaboration with the thinker and social influencer, Engineer Fadel Suleiman, which many of you eagerly benefited from last year. One such lecture was titled “Youth: Threats and Promising Horizons.” We still have much to accomplish together

Prevention is better than cure (Educational Awareness)

“We believe in fate and destiny, yet we act with caution and care.”To prevent any negative behaviors among our children, starting from their thoughts, through their words and conversations, all the way to their actions. We must be builders before we are reformers. Successful building begins with a solid foundation and sturdy principles. This is what we came together to discuss during one of the lectures by thinker Fadel Suleiman, entitled “Educators as Creed Protectors”, addressing our role as parents and educators in bringing up more aware, mature, and well-educated youth that can face any expected danger and threats that might endanger their creed or ethics. Through it, we became sure that prevention is indeed better than cure.

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