The “Dostluk” initiative represents a noble effort to foster cultural understanding and harmonious coexistence between the Arab community residing in Turkey and the local population. By upholding the core values of citizenship and promoting mutual respect, this initiative endeavors to create a united and inclusive society where everyone can thrive.


The “Dostluk” initiative, launched during the auspicious Learning for Life Conference held on February 13 at the prestigious Pullman Hotel, garnered remarkable support and participation from various key players in the education and cultural integration sectors. The conference attracted an impressive array of 850 attendees, including students, parents, educators, and educational service providers, all coming together to celebrate the values of citizenship and fruitful coexistence.

The “Dostluk” initiative also received overwhelming support from official authorities, with three prominent governmental and administrative bodies contributing their expertise and endorsement. The active involvement of these authorities signaled a broader recognition of the initiative’s value and the shared commitment to promoting coexistence and cultural integration.


The “Dostluk” initiative sought to recognize and celebrate outstanding student achievements across diverse fields. A total of 40 student awards were bestowed upon deserving individuals, applauding their excellence and dedication. Such recognition not only motivates students to strive for greatness, but also reinforces the value of meritocracy and equal opportunities within society.

By bringing together such a diverse range of stakeholders, including school representatives, international schools, official authorities, and education and investment institutions, the Learning for Life Conference successfully laid the foundation for the “Dostluk” initiative’s goals. Through continued collaboration and cooperation, the initiative seeks to strengthen the fabric of society, nurture intercultural understanding, and cultivate an environment where all members can flourish and contribute positively to Turkey’s vibrant social fabric.
The success of the “Dostluk” initiative, applied at Elite Academy School, marks a promising milestone in bridging cultural gaps and forging meaningful connections among communities. By providing a platform for dialogue and interaction, this endeavor lays the groundwork for a more cohesive and understanding society, where differences are celebrated, and commonalities are embraced. Through continued efforts and engagement, the initiative aims to build enduring friendships and lasting bonds, ensuring a brighter and more harmonious future for all those residing in Turkey.

Sümeyye Yörük

President of ISA & Elite Owner

Roswitha S chiel

ISA Chief Consultant

Yasir Mesut

ISA General Manager & Elite CEO

Yüksel Kocakoç

Ministry Representative

Murat Altınöz

İstanbul il milli eğitim müdür yardımcısı

Burkay Ergören

Okullar daire başkanlığı şube müdürü

Atilla Mutlu

İstanbul il milli eğitim müdürlüğü, müdür yardımcısı, özel okullar birim başkanı

Mesut Alkan

Kahramanmaraş il milli eğitim müdürlüğü

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