Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is a comprehensive blend of both in-class and out-of-class experiences, embodying a transformative perspective on education. Rather than merely filling a bucket of knowledge, we believe in igniting a fire within our students, fostering a lifelong love for learning. While recognizing that it is impossible to teach everything, we empower our students to “learn how to learn,” equipping them with essential skills for self-driven exploration. Our ultimate goal is to instill a genuine passion for learning as an inherently enriching pursuit.

At the core of our curriculum lies the principle of empowering students to take charge of their own learning journey. We emphasize the cultivation of critical thinking skills, guiding students to ask pertinent questions and feel confident in their pursuit of knowledge. By nurturing these “critical skills,” we prepare them for a lifetime of continuous learning and growth.

Our learning environment is carefully crafted to be engaging, challenging, inspiring, and nurturing. Through thoughtfully designed experiences, we promote the development of a strong academic foundation and cultivate positive learning habits. We encourage students to question, explore, and identify their core values and passions, fostering a deep sense of curiosity and personal growth.

Aligned with our school’s mission to “inspire leaders of change, our curriculum is designed to foster wisdom in our students. We believe in shaping their personalities through a holistic approach, focusing on the development of seven crucial aspects:

  • Knowledge & Thoughts: Fostering intellectual curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, promoting critical thinking, and encouraging a growth mindset.

  • Language & Communication: Empowering students with effective communication skills, enabling them to express themselves confidently and engage in meaningful dialogue.

  • Attitude & Ethics: Instilling strong values, ethical principles, and a sense of responsibility towards the community and the world.

  • Roles & Responsibilities: Preparing students to become active participants in society, capable of taking on leadership roles and making a positive impact.

  • Strength & Health: Promoting physical well-being and mental resilience, recognizing the essential connection between a healthy body and a sharp mind.

  • Crafts & Skills: Providing opportunities to develop practical skills, fostering creativity, and nurturing talents in various fields.

  • Habits & Tidiness: Cultivating disciplined habits, time management skills, and an organized approach to life, both in and out of the classroom.

By nurturing these aspects, we empower our students to become well-rounded individuals, capable of effecting positive change in their lives and the world around them. Our curriculum is a dynamic platform for personal growth, fostering an environment where students evolve into wise, compassionate, and innovative leaders of tomorrow.

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