At Elite, we take immense pride in offering an extensive range of clubs designed to cater to the diverse interests of our high school students. These clubs, all led by experienced and enthusiastic educators, serve as a dynamic platform for students to not only explore their passions but also to demonstrate their mastery of critical thinking and research skills. Our commitment to fostering a holistic educational experience is reflected in these clubs, where students can build relationships, collaborate effectively, and nurture leadership qualities, all while engaging in projects that both challenge and captivate them. These clubs not only provide an academic framework for growth but also ensure that students remain connected to the school community through meaningful and enjoyable endeavors.

 Complementing our club initiatives, we offer an exciting array of extracurricular activities that aim to enrich our students’ learning journey beyond the traditional classroom setting. From immersive trips to historical sites and universities to memorable overnight stays within the school premises, these activities offer students an unforgettable blend of education and enjoyment. Beyond the educational aspect, these activities also play a crucial role in strengthening the bond between students and their teachers, fostering an environment of trust and camaraderie. Through our comprehensive range of clubs and extracurricular experiences, we are dedicated to providing students with opportunities that not only enhance their education but also contribute to their personal and social development.


  • Intensive English Club 

  •  Intensive Arabic Club 

  •  Intensive Turkish Club 

  •  Qur’an Club 

  •  Islamic Studies Club 

  •  Leadership Club 

  •  Health Club 

  • Life Skills Club 

  • Post – Graduation Preparation Programs:

Our school provides an invaluable service of career path counsel to help students prepare for their future. We have started to conduct college and university research and application workshops, as well as a presentation to parents about it under the supervision of our career path committee. We do believe that a university guide and research workshops support students and parents throughout the college selection process.


    • Art Club

    • Drama Club

    • Music Club 

    • Swimming Club 

    • Stem & Robotics Club 

  • Skating Club 

  • Fitness Club 

  • Archery Club 

  • Chess Club

  • Cooking Club

“Big Brother Approach”

At Elite Academy, we proudly apply the “Big Brother” approach to aid student development. Our high school students mentor and motivate our elementary students, providing support in both academic and behavioral aspects. Join us to give your children a nurturing and safe learning environment!

Elite Academy Summer School 2023

Summer school provides a unique opportunity for students to expand their knowledge and skills beyond traditional classrooms. It fosters social interaction, experiential learning, and a spirit of innovation. By exploring diverse subjects in a relaxed atmosphere, students discover new passions and enhance their teamwork and problem-solving abilities. The hands-on approach and creative environment of summer school lead to practical learning and a deeper understanding of various subjects, contributing to students’ holistic development alongside their regular academic pursuits.

Intensive Summer Courses

Intensive Summer Courses:
1. English Language Reinforcement Course.
2. Mathematics Reinforcement Course.

Registered students at the school will receive the mentioned courses before the end of the sixth month.

Register now 

A summer camp for students outside Turkey.

Elite Academy is  glad to announce its 1st International Trip for the summer of 2023 to:  Manchester, UK. Or Sarajevo, Bosnia

This survey is an initial one to organize the schedule and reservations.
For further information, a more detailed PDF will be shared soon for your review.

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نادي إيليت الصيفي

فتح الباب لاستقبال أطفالكم من جديد بكافة المراحل العمرية من 4 سنوات حتى 12 سنة 

لا تفوتوا الفرصة واشتركوا الآن لتحصلوا على خصومات النادي المميزة –

25 برنامج يتم تقديمهم على مدار موسمين 
من يوم الإثنين إلى يوم الجمعة من كل أسبوع 
في الفترة من 3 يوليو : 28 يوليو (الموسم الأول)

ومن 31 يوليو : 25 أغسطس (الموسم الثاني)
استمارة التسجيل بنادي إيليت الصيفي – 2023

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